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ECO MASK - KN95 Nano Filtration Face Mask Box

Product Description

The kn95 respirator mask is designed to be used to filter PM2.5, pollen, airborne particulate and and any non-oil-based particles and aerosols. The filter is made using high quality melt blown non-wovens for high filtration. Heat adaptive and adjustable nose-clip included for maximum comfort.

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  • CE EU Safety Certification #EQT-2003-0271-PPE, 17.03.2025
  • Conforms to GB2626-2006 KN95 standard
  • Conforms to EN149-2001+AI-2009 standard
  • Conforms to NIOSH 95 (42 CFR PART 84) standard

Key product features

anti-haze, filtration, filtering, ppe

** This product is not intended for medical use